Al Waseelah plc

Al Waseelah plc is a unique initiative of Khalij Group, in collaboration with Bedford Row Capital, to establish an Islamic issuance and securitization platform to help its clients issue Sukuk or notes listed on recognised stock exchanges.

Al Waseelah is the first issuance platform which is fully Shari’a compliant and has the ability to issue Sukuk or notes for any underlying Shari’a compliant assets and structures.

Al Waseelah plc is completely independent of any financial institution and allows any third party to use the programme for its Sukuk or note issuances.

Issuer: Al Waseelah plc

Programme: Sharia compliant Certificate Programme

Note and security trustee: Truva

Issuer administrator: Truva

Listing: Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Launch: May 2019

Issued series: 11


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