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Meet us at the 25th Anniversary Global ABS conference

Meet us at the 25th Anniversary Global ABS conference Come and meet the Truva Trustees team at Global ABS in London on 27 and 28 September. We’ve got a booth in the exhibit hall, so do stop by and say hello. We’re loving that this year Global ABS is in our home city of London

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Convertible Bonds

Convertible Bonds Convertible bonds give the holder an option to convert his bonds into the shares of an issuer (the Issuer), or in some cases its parent, at a preset conversion price during a preset conversion period. Generally issuers are companies as the most commonly used conversion right is that into shares of a company.

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What is an LEI?

What is an LEI? LEI stands for Legal Entity Identifier. It’s a unique code linked to a public register that contains regularly verified information about each firm participating in any financial transaction, worldwide. What is the benefit of an LEI? Transparency and an enhanced ability to calculate risk. The public LEI data constitutes a trusted

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Special Purpose Vehicles: What is an SPV?

What is an SPV? Special Purpose Vehicles are companies that are newly-created to be the central participant in any financing or securitisation transaction. SPVs play a critical role in global financial markets, creating vital opportunities for both borrowers and investors that would not be possible without them. What do SPVs do? SPVs buy assets from

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Propifi Bonds plc – Bond programme to finance bridge lending

“Truva is much more than a source of expertise ; they’ve become a trusted partner.  They have an entrepreneurial approach to resolving challenges.  They understand what we’re facing and constantly weighed-up options so we remained on the best path.” Craig Higgins, Director, Propifi _____________________________________________________________________________________ Get the right advice from the start Propifi is a bridging venture established by

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Basic Structure of a Bond Programme

The basic components and parties to a bond programme Here is a simple diagram we’ve put together showing all the basic components and parties to a bond programme. Take a look at our case study on the bond programme we put together for Propifi Bonds plc. Please give us a call on  +44 (0) 20

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What is an intercreditor agreement and why is it important?

Guide to intercreditor agreements Here’s a quick guide to intercreditor agreements that will help you understand what they are and why they are important. What is an intercreditor agreement? An intercreditor agreement is an agreement which regulates the respective rights and ranking, including the priority of repayment, of all lenders, senior and subordinated in a

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Corporates turn to convertible bonds

As businesses turn to a variety of sources to see them through the current economic disruption, companies such as ArcelorMittal are turning to convertible bonds to bolster their balance sheet. The steel giant recently announced that it would be raising $2bn through the issuance of shares and convertible bonds. Take a look at the simple

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A quick guide to offering circulars

What is an offering circular? An offering circular is a type of prospectus that is provided for new security listings. It is given to potential investors, individuals and brokerage houses, who could be interested in buying the newly issued securities. The offering circular document forms the basis of an investor’s investment decision. It also constitutes

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